Saftey Bath Bathroom, Laundry & WC Update

Our Safety Bay renovation is going very well, with tiling complete, Vanity carcusses installed ready for stone installation. The Premium painted shaker doors will be installed next week, and after our plumbing fit off on Friday, it will be time to install our Frameless shower panel and mirrors.

Because of the WOW factor this bathroom is going to give to our owners, and to you the Apollo Blog audience, I’m keeping the progress photos close to my chest so you can be as impressed with transformation as I know the owners will also be.

As I posted on our facebook page and our instagram page Last week, Correctly waterproofing your wet areas is the most important and often overlooked step in a lot of bathroom renovations.

Relying on your tiles and grout to form your water resistant surface is a recipe for disaster, as you are relying on often onsealed grout lines which have a common occurance of breaking down and requiring replacing every 4-7 years. The Australian Standards for waterproofing only require waterproofing internal corners of shower wall surfaces up to 1.8m, and the floor surfacer and wall to floor junctions.

I have been quite busy the past couple of weeks

with a number of projects ready to commence this week.

At Apollo Improvements we only use our independent Water proofing contractor WA Project and Commercial Waterproofing to waterproof all of our wet areas.

We waterproof the entire shower wall area, we ensure our shower floor waste penetrations are connected with puddle flanges, and unlike most of our competition, we also waterproof our wall to floor junctions in not only the entire bathroom, but our WC’s and Laundry’s. Why the WC and Laundry you may ask?

Well, not only is it an Australian Standard requirement, but it prevents any water penetrating the brick to concrete junction, and causing the water to rise up the wall, out into the plaster, and cause your paint work to bubble and fail. More important in any renovation than the selections of your fixtures and fittings and coverings, is getting all your structural elements done right the first time. It takes just ONE SMALL STEP, and that is picking up the phone and calling us to take care of it all for you.