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Why are building inspections so important?

Having building inspections conducted by a specialist is essential, not only for safety reasons but to ensure comfort. Building inspections see that any building you own, are looking at buying, or are currently living in are up to code as far as safety regulations are concerned.

And while your safety is vital,  having you know what you’re getting into before you buy a building is just as important. This is why Apollo Improvements offers comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections.

Why Are Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Important?

 When conducting building inspections, we check numerous factors that could impact your safety, comfort, and budget for repairs. Our team performs a thorough analysis to make sure you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a property.

During a pre-purchase building inspection, we check:

  •  Structural Integrity – Structural weaknesses can cause massive damage, not only to your potential home but to your person and family as well. Being able to tell if a building is safe to live in is essential before a purchase, so our team are sure to check homes from top to bottom.
  •  Repair Costs – Buying a home that needs a little TLC is one thing, but there may be a few more things that come to light if the home has not been fully inspected before purchase. Pre-purchase inspections give you the peace-of-mind of knowing what the damages are and how much it would cost to repair them.
  •  Fire Safety – Checking that your electrical wiring and smoke alarms are in good condition and working as they should is part and parcel of our building inspection Not only will this avoid life-threatening situations, but it can save you on costs down the line.
  •  Air Leakage & Insulation – We use thermal imaging technology, we detect air leaks and gaps in insulation easily during our pre-purchase building inspections. This allows us to tell you whether your potential new home is going to be drafty or be set for the winter.

Contact Apollo for Building Inspections

 If you’re on the property market, give the team at Apollo Improvements a call to arrange a pre-purchase building inspection. We’ll help you avoid over-investing in a home that isn’t worth the cost due to structural instability.


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