/Beryl Dueman – South Perth

When I started to look for a contracting firm for my first ever reno project, I was anxious. After meeting and speaking with a few, Jarrad from Apollo Improvements stood out from the get-go. He was the first to respond and showed eagerness to own the project. What I appreciated the most was his 3D concept that helped me visualize the end result. He did not charge me for this rendering and provided this service without even confirming the project with him. For me, that showed a high level of customer service and commitment.

Safe to say, he bagged the project and did an outstanding job with it. From the time, he was contracted till completion, he delivered his project on time, on budget – all done professionally. I dropped in routinely to see the progress and it was executed as per the timelines stated. A small glitch that was brought to his attention was resolved promptly, without any stress or stalling. Did I mention, I also got my house back in a spotless condition! That’s what you pay for with Jarrad – quality service, reliability, no stress.

Things I can confirm about Jarrad’s service:

–        Punctuality

–        Professionalism

–        Easy to work with, he pays attention and will deliver what you envision

–        Will provide sound advice and recommendations

–        Impressive and detailed quote, with everything clearly outlined, leaving no scope for misunderstanding

–        Will stick to your budget & plan, unless you decide to deviate

I would recommend Jarrad confidently. He’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and an honest person. He gave me a bath, WC and laundry that I wanted and will love for a long time to come.

Thanks Jarrad, so glad we crossed paths. I’m sure we will be working together again!