Review – Ron Schuller


Review - Ron Schuller Apollo Improvements helped us extend our living area. It’s made a huge difference and we are extremely happy with the results. From the get go Jarrad was very helpful and professional, all of his contractors were exceptional and did a great job. We highly recommend Apollo for all your [...]

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Chiara & David Joins the Team


Chiara & David Joins the Team After transforming @chiaraanddavid.hr2018 home in another successful season of House Rules, @chiaraanddavid.hr2018 will be joining our team for those of you interested in exclusive access to Chiara and David’s design styles in your next project. #HouseRules #Apolloimprovements #PerthBuilder #NewExperience

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Our Shelley Bathroom Extension


Our Shelley Bathroom Extension How beautiful does our Shelley bathroom extension look? Now our clients have the luxury of their very own ensuite and Walk in robe. In what was wasted external space, is now a functional space, that comes with a guaranteed return on investment. #ApolloImprovements #OneSmallStep [...]

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Apollo Improvements Free Lesson to you


Apollo Improvements Free Lesson to you A number of factors have contributed to this Alfresco ceiling suffering major water damage over the years. The most obvious defect to cause the water leaking is the spacing of down pipes around the entire Alfresco. The maximum spacing is 12m, this area has one downpipe per [...]

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Atwell Bathroom Renovation Commencement


Atwell Bathroom Renovation Commencement Demolition day is as an important of a day as any other day in the Renovation process. It is very important that all the preparation work is done before any work commences, this includes making sure our clients homes floor surfaces are adequately protected throughout the renovation process. [...]

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Saftey Bath Bathroom, Laundry & WC Update


Saftey Bath Bathroom, Laundry & WC Update Our Safety Bay renovation is going very well, with tiling complete, Vanity carcusses installed ready for stone installation. The Premium painted shaker doors will be installed next week, and after our plumbing fit off on Friday, it will be time to install our Frameless shower panel [...]

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Safety Bay Renovation Commencement


Safety Bay Renovation Commencement This week marks the commencement of another of our Bathroom - Laundry and Water closet projects. Our clients came to us with the need to transform their tired, water damaged bathroom into a beautiful, modern and guaranteed water tight space they will look forward to coming home to day after day. [...]

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