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Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Renovating a bathroom, or any other area of your home doesn’t have to be a complicated and stressful experience for you. Coming up with plans to redo your bathroom can help a great deal for time and budget management, while also making the process stress-free.

To help you along, we’ve come up with a bathroom renovation checklist that includes everything you need to consider before you get to work.

Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Before committing to your bathroom plans, take note of whether you’ve considered:

  • Budget – It’s no secret that renovating a bathroom costs money. But, how much you end up spending depends heavily on what you want done. Complete overhauls will, naturally, cost more than a simple re-tile. Regardless of your end goal, the team at Apollo Improvements will modernize your home within budget and without hidden costs.
  • Style – Take some time to think about the various styles of bathroom that you could have built. Think about factors like whether you want a bathtub or open shower.
  • Measurements – There’s nothing worse than having great ideas that can’t be executed due to space restrictions. Our team will ensure to measure the space fully and make recommendations around what you can do with the space you have.
  • Walls & Flooring – Think about whether you want porcelain or ceramic tiles, or something entirely different, such as wood-look. Colour is also something to consider, if you want something classic, you can’t go wrong with ivory tiles, or for something more modern, consider a slate grey tile. You will also need to decide whether you want to incorporate underfloor heating.
  • Plumbing – Not only do you want to hire a professional plumber who knows what they’re doing, but you also want to make sure that they use high-quality materials that won’t break and cause disastrous leaks in your newly-renovated bathroom.
  • Hiring a Team – Having access to a team you can trust and rely on entirely while renovating a bathroom takes a significant amount of stress of your shoulders. The team at Apollo Improvements are all highly skilled, transparent, and will do everything they can to meet your expectations.

Trust Us with Your Bathroom Plans

 The dedicated team at Apollo Improvements can help you with design and layout ideas and the renovation of your bathroom. We’ll get any approvals necessary and make sure to keep industry best practice top-of-mind while providing you with unparalleled customer service.

If you’re planning on renovating a bathroom, contact Apollo Improvements today.


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